Monday, April 22, 2013


I told myself that I should do a serious blog but meh, I failed obviously. I think I'm still sticking with Tumblr 'cause it is faster to make posts there and stuff. But I might just make a double post (meaning, I'll post the same stuff on my Tumblr and here on Blogger) so that I can make this blog look active. So yay!

Thank you letter (3rd)

Hey! So it’s the 22nd again. I just want to thank you for…
1. listening to everything I say, from serious things to my non-sense rant about my everyday struggle with laziness. (lol)
2. making me love things I hate before, and even making me excited for those
3. giving me unconditional support when I lose confidence in my work.
4. telling me things I haven’t heard from other people.
5. being the most patient person I know.
6. appreciating me for being me, with flaws and all. And for that I am now more capable of embracing myself, with flaws and all.
7. wanting me to change, not for your benefit but for my goodness.
8. reminding that I am worthy, even though I feel otherwise; and..
9. being a proof of God’s unconditional love for me. I feel unworthy and yet He gave me the most amazing man I know.

You’ve done a lot of things for me that I cannot express into words. You’re not just a boyfriend to me. You are, more importantly, my best friend and my brother. Best-est friend I could possibly ask God for.
I love you so much, mahal! Cheers for the eternity we’ll be spending with each other. :)

One month.

Date posted: February 22,2013

It is crazy to think that we’ve only known each other for a few months. Everything just fell into their right places and I’ve never felt this much happiness before. Everyday I thank God for having you in my life. I love everything about you. I just want to thank you for everything, for being patient and understanding. Feel ko talaga matagal na tayo magkakilala eh! Hahaha. Sabagay, kambal nga kasi kita. Sobrang comfortable ko kaagad sa’yo which is really weird. Yung tipong ilang hours palang tayo magkakilala pero it feels like we’ve been talking to each other for years na. I can still remember yung days na na-ffrustrate ako sa’yo ‘cause we act like tayo na pero ayaw mo pa. Babae lang? HAHAHA. And nung tinanong mo na ako if I can be your girlfriend (na nadulas ka lang naman dahil nagpa-pressure ka sakin), sobrang hindi ko alam kung iiyak ba ako or hindi. Ending, natatawa ako pero di ko pinaparinig sa’yo. Pano kasi feeling ko nung tinanong mo na ako nun e para akong sinagot ng nililigawan ko.

I am just really happy to be with you. And lalo na that God used you para mapalapit ako sakanya. I really feel blessed to have you :)

 (First photo together, yay!)

This is just the beginning of something that will never end. I love you so much, pare :)